How to Mirror a Phone Screen to a TV Screen

In a world that revolves around sharing, vacation photo slideshows and streaming shouldn’t be limited to small phone screens. Thankfully, technology has grown rapidly and now phone screens can be magnified and duplicated onto an HDTV screen. There are several options on how you connect your device to your TV. Android and Apple phones have different connectivity requirements that must be considered.



Android Screen Mirroring

In order to mirror your Android device to your TV, you must either use a wired connection or a wireless connection. Some wired connections rely on your devices being mobile high-definition link (MHL) compatible. If you have MHL compatible devices, screen mirroring simply requires connecting your Android phone to your TV with an MHL cable. Depending on your device, you may also be able to use a mini HDMI or micro HDMI cable. Always check your device compatibility before purchasing the necessary cables.


Miracast vs. Chromecast

Most Android powered devices come equipped with Miracast as a standard wireless screen sharing option. Miracast is a wireless display standard that is specifically designed for sharing device screens to a TV, eliminating the need for an HDMI cable. To see if your devices support Miracast, check out this Wi-Fi Alliance official Miracast list. Directly pairing your Miracast supported devices does not require Wi-Fi or a router connection.

You may also consider using a device such as the ScreenBeam Mini2 or Chromecast for a connection solution. The ScreenBeam Mini2 offers the simplicity of “plug and play,” meaning you simply plug in the device and you’re connected. You won’t even need to download an App.


Apple Screen Mirroring

Apple is designed to be compatible with exclusively Apple devices. That being said, it is also possible to use a wired connection to your Apple device. A simple Lightning digital AV adaptor such as this one uses an HDMI cable to connect to your TV and allows you to mirror your screen.

Apple iPhones and iPads utilize AirPlay to wirelessly screen mirror. The easiest way to mirror your device’s screen is through an Apple TV. Once your Apple TV is set up, screen mirroring is as simple as selecting the screen mirroring icon in the Control Center and selecting Apple TV.