Wireless Solutions for MHL to HDMI Adapter

Mobile High-definition Link, or MHL, is a wired connection that allows you to connect and screen mirror your mobile devices to your TV. Screen sharing is used as a presentation tool in business as well as entertainment in homes. Screen sharing from your mobile devices allow you to stream movies, videos, photos, music, applications, presentations and more directly to your TV screen. Traditionally, MHL to HDMI adapters were the simple solution. These adapters simply connect your phone via a wire to your TV through an HDMI port. There are now more wireless options available that eliminate the need for a wired connection.



Wireless Screen Sharing Options

A wired connection is no longer the only option for sharing screens. Devices such as the ScreenBeam Mini2 are great wireless replacements to the traditional MHL to HDMI connection. Simply plug in the device and connect your mobile device wirelessly. These devices also use their own connections, allowing you to connect your devices without Wi-Fi. These options create a simple, elegant connected home experience while also eliminating the extra clutter of wires.



Miracast Technology

Miracast is a wireless display standard that is specifically designed for sharing device screens to a TV, eliminating the need for an HDMI cable. The ScreenBeam Mini2 uses built-in Miracast technology, allowing you to seamlessly connect any Miracast enabled device for screen sharing.

Most Android and Windows devices are already equipped to use Miracast. To see if your devices support Miracast, check out this Wi-Fi Alliance official Miracast list. The Mini2 is compatible with most modern Windows, Android 4.2+ and Miracast-enabled laptops, tablets and smartphones. For laptops that are not Miracast compatible, you can connect the ScreenBeam USB Transmitter to enjoy easy, wireless screen sharing.